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Retweet Strategy

Discover the most impactful tweets based on certain topics and people. Use these tweets to engage your followers and garner engagement.

Engagement Prediction

Predict engagement, follower reaction, and tone of your tweet. Customize your tweet to increase your interactions and overall impact.

Tweet Lab

Identify the most Tweetable phrases from any website, blog, news page, etc. No more counting to 140 characters to post on Twitter. We do all of the leg work for you and find you the best tweetable phrases from any page.

Sentiment Analysis

Understand the tone of your posts and the type of reaction that you will receive based on your online presence.

Hashtag Sugessions

Know which hashtags to use specific to your brand vs. what is popular. Ensure you are conveying the right tone.

Image Analysis

Identify image performance, engagement value, and social reactions to maximaze impact. Extract concepts and entities from images to initiate a better visual campaign.

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How Can We Help You

We are a state-of-the-art Deep Learning platform that provides you with an easy to use interface that connects to any of your existing data streams and lets you perform complex analysis within minutes.

Image Sentiment Analysis

Allows you to understand the overall sentiment toward your product given text or image data.

Detect Buying Patterns

Know the most common trends in your products and gain strategies to improve sales.

Flag Inappropriate Content

Get rid of manual methods of flagging inappropriate content from comments, feeds and social media.

Risk Analysis

Know with a probability if a strategy would succeed or fail.


Know what advertising works for which region.

Much more..

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